Experienced Professionals Committed to Your Health

At Peelwood Family Medical Practice, our team is more than just a group of medical professionals; we’re your compassionate partners in health. With a wealth of experience, our dedicated practitioners work hand-in-hand with you to ensure comprehensive care, tailored to your unique needs. Our team of general practitioners, nurses, specialists, and support staff are committed to providing a personalized, empathetic approach. We’re here for you, every step of the way.

Meet Our Professionals!


Dr. Stephen Sun
Dr. Stephen SunFRACGP MBBS BSc(Pharm)
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Dr. Stephen Sun, a seasoned family doctor in the Peel region, brings over a decade of caring and insightful medical practice to the community. Known as 'Sunny' for his warm and personable approach, he expertly navigates a range of health areas, from men’s health and dermatology to chronic disease management and paediatrics. His commitment goes beyond the clinic as he mentors future medical professionals, balancing this with his love for family, the arts, and sports, demonstrating his well-rounded personality.
Dr Jacqui Sutton
Dr Jacqui SuttonFRACGP MBBS (hons) Dip Child Health (hons)
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Melbourne-born Dr. Jacqui Sutton's medical journey spans across Australia and beyond, enriching her expertise in Obstetric Shared Care and child health. Settled in Peel to be near her family, she brings a unique blend of global perspective and local warmth. Her compassionate approach to family medicine, coupled with her proficiency in family planning, makes her a trusted advisor for families in the community.
Dr Naomi Jupp
Dr Naomi JuppFRACGP MBBS (Hons) BSc (Hons)
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A Peel region native, Dr. Naomi Jupp's roots run deep in the community. A UWA graduate, she's been a familiar face in Mandurah's medical scene since 2012. Her holistic approach spans from infant care to end-of-life services, reflecting her dedication to patient wellness at every stage. An outdoor enthusiast and community volunteer, Dr. Jupp embodies a lifestyle of health and community spirit.
Dr Tegan Durnan
Dr Tegan DurnanBWSc, MD, MPHTM
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Dr. Tegan Durnan's medical path is characterized by diversity and a deep commitment to public health. Starting as a Chiropractor and evolving into a medical doctor, she embodies a multifaceted approach to healthcare. Her expertise in women's health, lactation medicine, and preventative health is backed by a Master in Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Her life outside medicine, filled with outdoor adventures, mirrors her proactive and holistic approach to health.
Dr Whay Chiat Wee (Jake)
Dr Whay Chiat Wee (Jake)MBBS, BSc
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Jake completed his medical degree and internship in Brisbane, Queensland before moving to WA in 2016. He has spent a few year in various departments in Royal Perth Hospital, and the last 2 years in General Medicine in Peel Health Campus. Jake is hoping to stay on as a GP to continue serving the community. Outside of medicine, Jake is a very active person who likes various sports. He has a special interest in chronic disease management especially geriatrics medicine and endocrinology issues such as diabetes.
Dr. Julia Norris
Dr. Julia NorrisMBBS
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Dr. Julia Norris, deeply embedded in the Mandurah community, offers a blend of local understanding and wide-ranging medical expertise. Her focus on preventative health, Occupational Health, and Women’s Health is a testament to her dedication to the long-term well-being of her patients. Her journey from Fremantle Hospital to Peelwood Family Medical Practice demonstrates a career dedicated to comprehensive care.
Dr Shuaib EllahiComing Soon
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Shuaib excels in a friendly environment focused on patient aid, embracing a holistic approach to healthcare that integrates patient needs with their lifestyles, rather than adhering strictly to systems or problem-based methods. Outside of his professional sphere, he is passionately learning to kitesurf, a testament to his love for challenging outdoor activities. His commitment to both his career and personal growth highlights his dedication to not just treating patients, but empowering them in all aspects of their lives.
Dr Chris Lau
Dr Chris LauComing Soon
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Chris thrives in a team environment that prioritizes patient-centered care, focusing on working collaboratively with patients to enhance their quality of life and satisfaction with their health. Aside from his professional commitments, Chris is passionate about cooking, training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and cherishing moments with his wife and Border Collie. His approach to healthcare is deeply rooted in a collaborative ethos, ensuring that patient needs and well-being are at the forefront of his practice.
Dr Nicole Blanks
Dr Nicole BlanksComing Soon
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Janice Mercer
Janice MercerNurse
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Janice Mercer, a cherished member of the Mandurah community, is the epitome of a dedicated Practice Nurse. With a wealth of experience gained at Sir Charles Gardner Hospital, she skillfully cares for patients of all ages. Her passion for nursing is matched by her love for family, history, and community involvement, making her an invaluable and empathetic figure in the practice.
Jasmin WrigleyNurse
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Jasmin Wrigley, a vibrant and passionate Practice Nurse, brings a refreshing energy to Peelwood Family Medical Practice. Her diverse experience in aged care and ward nursing, combined with her Murdoch University background, adds depth to her expertise, especially in wound care and primary care continuity. Jasmin's life is a vibrant tapestry of family activities, community involvement, and social engagements, reflecting her commitment to both her professional and personal life.
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Maryann is an integral part of Peelwood Family Medical's nursing team, known for her compassionate and patient-focused approach. With a talent for creating a calm and friendly atmosphere, she excels in caring for patients and supporting both staff and doctors. Her dedication is evident in her ability to listen and provide supportive care, making her a valued member of the work family. Patients and staff alike have recognized and appreciated her warmth and welcoming nature, contributing significantly to the Peelwood community.
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Amalie, a Nurse at Peelwood, blends her love for outdoor adventures with her animals into her nursing role, bringing joy and positivity to patient interactions. Her approach lightens the experience of healthcare, from routine procedures to comprehensive care plans. Amalie's focus on injecting laughter and comfort into patient care embodies Peelwood's commitment to warmth and high-quality care. This unique blend of personal interests and professional dedication makes her a cherished member of the Peelwood team.
Chelsie MetcalfNurse
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Robyn Mounsey
Robyn MounseyPractice Manager
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Robyn Mounsey stands as the backbone of Peelwood Family Medical Practice, with over three decades in the Medical Industry. Starting her journey in Sydney, Robyn has been pivotal in shaping the practice. Her role transcends professional boundaries, reflecting in her personal interests like photo and video editing, scrapbooking, and enjoying time with her loved ones.
Jade Davies
Jade DaviesAdministration Staff
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Jade, a resident of Mandurah for 19 years, originally comes from Donnybrook where she completed her chef apprenticeship and worked in the culinary field. Married with two daughters, her interests include Pilates, watching movies, dining out, and family time. Professionally, Jade has experience in the mining industry and has held various administrative roles. Known for her easygoing nature, she is passionate about assisting others to the best of her ability.
MorganAdministration Staff
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Morgan epitomizes the essence of a welcoming and supportive team member at Peelwood. Her role in the reception is crucial, creating first impressions and ensuring a positive experience for patients. She has never broken a bone!
Julie-annAdministration Staff
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Julie-Ann, a dedicated professional at Peelwood, takes pride in the traditional family practice atmosphere of the clinic, where she works alongside skilled GPs, nurses, and administrative staff. Born and raised in Mandurah, she loves her hometown and enjoys beach outings with her husband and two children, as well as traveling to places like down south, up north, and their favorite overseas destination, Phuket. With an impressive 15 years of experience as a General Practitioner, Julie-Ann combines her caring and friendly nature to ensure that patients at Peelwood have a positive and reassuring experience during their GP appointments.