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Complete Care for Mothers and Children

At Peelwood Family Medical Practice, we understand that every family’s journey is unique. Our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate care for mothers and children, from pregnancy through childhood. With our extensive range of services and a commitment to personal attention, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Mandurah Childhood Immunisations

Childhood Immunisations

Immunisations are a crucial part of keeping your child healthy and protected from preventable diseases. At Peelwood, our experienced medical professionals ensure that all childhood immunisations are administered according to the recommended schedule, using the highest standards of care. With our guidance, your child can grow up strong and resilient, protected against common ailments.

Mandurah Doctors

Infant & Child Health

Your child’s health and wellbeing are our top priority. We offer comprehensive infant and child health services, from routine check-ups to treating minor illnesses and managing chronic conditions. Our approach is all-encompassing and tailored to your child’s specific needs, ensuring they receive the best care at every stage of development. Trust in our experienced team to be a supportive partner in your child’s growth and wellbeing.

Mandurah Antenatal Shared Care

Antenatal Shared Care

Pregnancy is an exciting and vital time for every family, and we believe in providing holistic, shared care that ensures both mother and baby’s well-being. With Peelwood’s antenatal shared care program, you’ll have access to our skilled medical team, in collaboration with local hospitals, guiding you through your pregnancy journey with the utmost care and support. Experience a personalised, nurturing approach that puts your comfort and confidence at the forefront.

Obstetrics Mandurah


Childbirth is one of life’s most profound experiences, and our obstetrics team at Peelwood is here to make it as safe and joyous as possible. Our expert obstetricians offer comprehensive care from pre-pregnancy counselling to postnatal care, prioritising your and your baby’s health. Our state-of-the-art facilities and compassionate care ensure you receive the best possible experience during this life-changing journey.


Next Steps to a Healthy Family Journey

Whether you’re preparing for a new addition to the family or seeking exceptional care for your child, Peelwood Family Medical Practice is here to serve you. Book an appointment today and embark on a journey of care and trust that lasts a lifetime. From preventative health measures to specialised medical support, we’re committed to being a reliable partner in your family’s health journey.