Championing Local Spirit

At Peelwood Family Medical Practice, we understand the vitality of a strong community. Our healthcare commitment doesn’t stop at our doors – it extends to the local community we love and serve. We are more than a healthcare provider, we’re your neighbours, friends, and supporters.


Our Local Sponsorships

We are proud to support and sponsor a number of community groups, each playing an essential role in strengthening our community. Here’s how we contribute:

Mandurah Magic Basketball Team

Cheering on the magic on the court, we're thrilled to support the energy and talent of our local basketball team.

Mandurah City Football Club

Whether it's on the field or in the stands, our partnership with Mandurah City Football Club is a testament to our shared passion for sportsmanship and community spirit.

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

Encouraging creativity, culture, and expression, our support for the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre is our way of nurturing the artistic soul of our community.

Our involvement in these initiatives reflects our belief in a holistic approach to well-being. Together, we’re building a healthier, happier, and more connected community. It’s more than giving back; it’s shaping a future where everyone thrives.