A Flourishing Future in Healthcare Awaits

At Peelwood Family Medical Practice, we firmly believe in nurturing talent and fostering an environment that promotes growth and collaboration. Here, you’re not just choosing a job, but a rewarding career where you have the potential to make a difference in countless lives. We provide a platform where skills are honed, challenges are faced head-on, and where patient care is at the centre of it all.

Why Choose PEELWOOD?

Choosing Peelwood is choosing a legacy of excellence in healthcare. With us, you’re not just joining a team but becoming part of a community deeply entrenched in delivering holistic care. Here’s why Peelwood stands out:

Located In Beautiful Mandurah

Situated in the serene seaside paradise of Mandurah, working with us offers you the perfect work-life balance. Our location provides the ideal mix – the tranquillity of the ocean, the versatility of the estuary, and countless outdoor activities to help you unwind. Whether you’re raising a family or looking forward to a peaceful retirement, Mandurah offers something for everyone. Dive into a world where professional growth meets personal leisure!

JOBS Available

At Peelwood Family Medical Practice, we believe that the best can always get better. We’re continually on the lookout for passionate professionals who are keen on enhancing our legacy of holistic healthcare.

Doctor Positions

Peelwood has always been a beacon for medical practitioners who aim to make a difference. Our doctors don’t just treat; they care, educate, and build lasting bonds with our patients. If you share our vision of a more compassionate healthcare future, we want to hear from you.

Nurse Positions

Nurses at Peelwood aren’t just caregivers but pivotal pillars who uphold our values and deliver unwavering care to every patient. If you are passionate about driving positive health outcomes and want to join a team that values your skills, express your interest today.

Administration Positions

Administration is the heartbeat of our centre. Ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, our administrative team ensures that both patients and staff have everything they need. If you’re organised, compassionate, and love working in a dynamic environment, Peelwood is the place for you.